Sometimes it's what you don't know that you don't know .....

Also, there really are "STRATEGIES" that you can use to get greater savings. 

This is why you should work with a BROKER who puts YOU first.

Sometimes it is better to take a short contract at a higher rate.

Sometimes it is good to switch plans even if there is an early termination fee.

Sometimes it is best to go month-to-month for a short time.

Sometimes "Green / Renewable" is less expensive.

Sometimes you can end a contract early, pay no fee, and get a lower energy rate.

Sometimes a REP's plan is best at 500 kWh, another plan is best for 1000 kWh, another is best at 2000 kWh or above.


… it is more complicated. Call me at 214-394-8952 and I will work with you to get a better plan.

Email me a copy of a current bill & phone number & I'll send you a quote.

I recently saved a Church $25,000+ per year on their electricity expenses for the 10th year. I'll likely lower your rate too.