"The Greatest Blessing . . . Is To Be A Blessing"

A Message From Phil Morris:

With decades in business in the DFW area, we realize that there is a reason for being in business and generating revenue that transcends the pure profit motive. That profit can be put to work to benefit a cause greater than the "Profit Motive."

A few years ago I personally met "Agent Orange." Agent Orange was a "Defoliant" used in Vietnam and South East Asia to kill vegetation that provided cover for an enemy that was trying to kill American Servicepeople. Years later, it turns out that our Servicepeople are now dealing with progressive illness and disease that can be traced back to exposure to "Agent Orange." 


I have found that there are still many Veterans who do not know that there is help and support for those suffering from the affects of "Agent Orange" as well as other Service Connected Conditions and Disabilities that did not immediately show up in their lives.  Recently, I was "Blessed" to have been able to meet a 72 year old woman Navy Veteran who is the widow of a deceased Navy Veteran who served multiple tours of duty in Vietnam as a Navy Corpsman. He had passed away several years ago from service related conditions. He had reached 100% VA Disability prior to his death. His widow did not know that she qualified for a 100% waiver of Texas Property Taxes and a refund of taxes paid for the past two years.  I was able to help her take advantage of that benefit. 

Shown below are two memes that talk about these two issues. You can possibly also be a blessing by passing these along to others. Here are two links to further information on both issues:



"Be Blessed . . .  Be A Blessing"

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