"It's All About The

Penny & Timing"

NOTE: A "BROKER" offers you products & services from many companies 

instead of representing one particular company and their PLANS.

Do you have a PERSONAL Banker, a PERSONAL Lawyer, 

a PERSONAL Insurance Agent, A PERSONAL Doctor? 

You will also benefit from having a PERSONAL ENERGY BROKER / CONSULTANT.

And, it doesn't even cost you anything for me to work for you. You save money.

The higher your usage, the more I can save you. 

I saved a Church $25,000/year

on electricity 8 years ago and they are still saving with me. Rate reduced 15% in June. They were 

in a contract when rates were low. While in the contract, rates suddenly decreased. I was able to get 

the Church out of the contract into the lower rates with NO PENALTY or costs whatsoever.

My Personal Residential Rate for the last 24 months was

4.9 Cents / kWh and 9.9 "all in" with TDU Passthroughs. 


I have been helping Texans reduce Energy Expenses since 2001.

   Establishing New Services - Contract Negotiations - Fixing Bad Contracts


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Texas is the Most Successful, Most Competitive Energy Market in the Nation. 

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