On July 21, 2021 .....

.... our customer is paying $0.04956 / kWh on an agreement we started in 2019 on a fixed rate for 5 years.

On July 21, 2021 new customers are paying $0.14850 /kWh starting today.

It DOES matter who your energy broker is!!

Todays rate would be


of the fixed rate from 2019.

"It's All About The

Penny & Timing"


Another business is paying 4 cents/kWh - You pay 5 cents/kWh

That's only A PENNY - but you would be paying 25% more

I have customers who have remained with me since 2001.

 There is a reason for such Loyalty. You'll see.

I have been helping Texans reduce Energy Expenses since 2001.

Establishing New Services - Contract Negotiations - Fixing Bad Contracts

NOTE: A "BROKER" offers you products & services from many companies 

instead of representing one particular company and their PLANS.

Do you have a PERSONAL Banker, a PERSONAL Lawyer, 

a PERSONAL Insurance Agent, A PERSONAL Doctor? 

You will also benefit from having a PERSONAL ENERGY BROKER / CONSULTANT.

You save money.

The higher your usage, the more I can usually save you. 

I saved a Church $25,000/year

on electricity 10 years ago and they are still saving with me. Rate reduced 15% in June. They were 

in a contract when rates were low. While in the contract, rates suddenly decreased. I was able to get 

the Church out of the contract into the lower rates with NO PENALTY or costs whatsoever.


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Always ask to see a salespersons / brokers Registration. I was #33 in Texas.

SEE:  Phil Morris Energy Broker -Texas Registration